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Growth (A Collection of Poems)

By Erin Achauer

My Poems

Poetry is a way for me to unwind all the thoughts from my head Let all of my feelings out

and catalog them on paper

So I can express myself


and remember

Death of Passion

I have a confession to make

Part of me wants this world to end

Or at least this one

with its endless 9 to 5’s stuck in concrete jungles never truly being satisfied with life

I want it to rip open so I can escape

and be with the ones I love

doing what I love


I am working to unlearn normalcy

It’s just not me, and there’s nothing wrong with that

Trying to blend in and police my actions

makes me miserable

I remember being young

and so ashamed of myself

that I put all of my energy into trying hide these parts of me But I am no longer ashamed

Another Poem About a Boy

Leaving did not hurt like I thought it would Seeing you cry did though

Sometimes I still miss making you laugh but it is not a violent feeling

just a peaceful sadness

Erin is a sophomore at Lincoln Memorial University. She majors in Art and has a minor in English. Writing has become one of her favorite outlets - it allows her to express her thoughts and feelings in a healthy way that she can be proud of.”

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