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Glass & More

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

by Aurelie Msiza


I am glass

Handcrafted to perfection

And by that I mean

It took a lot of practice

Before I could put my heart

Back to together

Everyone I've loved has already left

But Here, Put my heart to the test

And yes, it might not come out best

But it has been

Misused, misguided

But never missed

And Above all this

It continues to function

I am transparent

Although people can't see

Right through me

Through my act

My play, see I strut

Across the stage

And my muse is my pain

I've told lies as sweet as chardonnay

I'd tell you how I am but the truth takes time

So for now I'll lie and say I'm fine

And intricately designed

And by that I mean I'm fragile

That my cracks are all circumstantial

And when you cut yourself

Trying to fix me

That I'll owe you an apology

Because I've taught myself to leave


Before you realize I

Am not worth bleeding for

Holding on will only hurt you

Because not only am I glass

But to some disappointment

It took me a while

Before I was able to look at myself

And see myself

Let alone be myself

I don't even like myself.

I'm falling apart fast

But I shouldn't feel at all

Falling apart fast Because glass is cold

And this winter won't pass

And it's left me empty

An empty glass


"Wow! You cut your hair

That's something different for a change, you never ever change

Well don't just stand there look how pretty you look,

Your hair is short," Like my dad's Short temper,

But they wouldn't remember.

How my long hair silky and smooth

Ran down my neck But it didn't entirely cover the bruise,

My hair strands are shiny and black

Natural and real Like the sound of that belt As it hit my back

I wish I cut it for cancer

So somewhere out there a sister may continue to love her brother

I wish I didn’t have to cut it so when my father looks at me He doesn't see my mother

Because the grips not as tight now

My elastic can barely go around my hair

There's not much left,

Like my self-respect.

Fix your hair it looks messy, It shouldn't be that way

Listen to what I say!

Your hair isn't neat It's no wonder you get beat.

Where are your clips? Where's your brush?

You're always slower than everyone Why aren't you in a rush?

Look at her, Her hairs perfect

Your hair falls short,

Like you fall short of my expectations.

Let's just get ribbons I'm disappointed.

Your hair should be better It should be longer

It should be stronger

It should be bolder

Why doesn't it only reach your shoulders?

It doesn't cover up your bruise

And now everyone can see,

They can see your hair is a mess

And now I'm stressed

Because you don't look your best.

How am I supposed to be proud?

Why can't your hair be like mine It's tidy and clean

And there's no dandruff so it doesn't even itch.

Stop acting like a little bitch!

And fix your hair because it shouldn't stand that way

Why won't you listen to what I say?

I love you so let me help you

You ungrateful little slut

It’s just a haircut

Aurelie Msiza is a 20-year-old computer science major at Lincoln Memorial University. Proudly South African she is the reigning Miss Galaxy South Africa 2022

and recipient of the Woman of Stature 2022 Youth Ambassador Award. She began writing in primary school and hopes to continue to nurture her passion.

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