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Personal And Interpersonal

by Erin Achauer

There is no monster in the closet Coming for your children

It is just them As they truly are

It is you

You are maiming their spirits

And building a monstrous world that kills them


I have all but forgotten what peace is Now, it seems,

That all I feel is anger

I don’t know what upsets me more The violence

Or the idle on-lookers

Being the target in the center of the crowd They all look the same to me


I have spent a lifetime hearing

About what a women should and should not be About the tragedy that comes with the territory I have

decided that I want none of it

My womanhood is my own And I will not let it be soiled

It will be overflowing with joy, confidence, and love

I refuse to stay down in the muck

To live in restriction, darkness, or fear

In this age, joy and peace are radical choices

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