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Our Kids Deserve More

By Emily Roark

Today’s kids are weak.

Sure, you were born into mass shootings,

broken households,

and a financial crisis you didn’t create

Sure, we ask you to go to school during sickness

terrorist attacks,

and natural disasters.

Yes, every day the news announces another societal downfall

yet wipe them tears and stop complaining.

We ask you to do some small, simple tasks.

Do your homework

Take these tests

Get a job

Play a sport

Get A’s

Make friends

Do your chores

Join a club

Do all this, but don’t you dare complain,

cause you have it easy.

Your mom may be in jail and your father an addict,

Your stomach may be growling cause you had to skip breakfast,

You may have stayed up watching a school shooting.

But wipe your tears, sit up straight, and don’t you dare complain,

Cause we had it worse

We did our homework

We did those tests

We had a job

And we played sports

Sure, we ate breakfast

Sure, we had clothes

Sure, we didn’t worry about being overexposed

Stop being lazy

We don’t care if you’re tired

We don’t care that your brother kept you up all night crying

We don’t care that you parents fight so loud you can’t hear the lectures

Or that your homework is gone cause the cockroaches ate it

Or that your clothes are a mess cause you ain’t got no water

Stop being a complainer

Stop being a baby

Stop making excuses

Cause at the end of the day, we had it worse.

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