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Jack Daniel's and a Girl

by Paige G. Brooks

Ezra Thomas had just begun, as it seems at every free moment, sitting at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, ceding every living moment, drinking himself to the brink of mental exhaustion. It was a quiet Tuesday night, or as quiet as Los Angeles can get. The Sunset Strip congested with teenagers, without adult supervision, finding mischievous activities to occupy their young minds. Ezra used to be one of those teenagers. Hopelessly unsophisticated, misguided, lonely, and anxiety-riddled.

Ezra softly smiles as he remembers seeing the blinding lights of L.A. for the first time. He was 18 years of age when he moved, the young man mirrored trouble. His arms tailored with various tattoos, a simple nose piercing, and eyes so dark they could pierce your soul. Jet black curls that cascaded down his back and fell on his leather jacket. His rugged appearance matched his attitude. Most would describe Ezra as a 'cold-hearted' human being, that's mostly true. Truly, Ezra meant well, but it seems he had forgotten his true purpose. That purpose was being drowned with drugs and alcohol, a coping mechanism that could surely kill him. Above all, and what many couldn't understand is that Ezra is a broken man.

The young man was born in a broken home, with a mother who was addicted to Heroin, and a father who was absent. Even when Ezra's father abandoned him, his mother still carried the belief in true love. As this was something the women preached to him. And yet, Ezra never believed his mother, he felt something like that couldn't survive in a world like this. With an attitude like that, it was only natural to assume the young man would grow up to be just like his mother. A no-good junkie, who relied on the government to pay the bills and to ultimately support a Heroin addiction.

Ezra frowns at the thought of his mother's addiction and ultimately frowns at the thought of his mother. The poor woman tried her best, yet it seems that it was not good enough. I'm still messed up in the head, Ezra thought, may God help me. The feeling of impending doom was slowly reaching him, but the only thing he could conjure was a small sigh. He finished his bottle of Jack Daniels and quickly asked the bartender, Ray for another one.

"Hey, Ray! Can I get another one?'' Erza belts out. All Ezra really wanted to do was get some more alcohol in his system and just forget everything. It seemed to him, anyway, that the night was still young and he was going to treat it as such. After a "couple" of more drinks, he had acquired a nice, euphoric state. Even in this state, he was still somewhat aware of his surroundings. At least, enough to notice the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. She dressed to be noticed, she felt that to blend in was to sign her own death certificate, and while you can say her outfit was a costume, Ezra would never say that to her face. Her heels clicked on the tile, producing an echo that cascaded throughout the bar, acting as if the whole world was there to watch her. However, the bar was quite lonely, the establishment only sitting a few patrons. Even then, she acted as if all eyes were on her, strutting through the corridor as if it was packed to the brim and everyone was there to watch her walk. While she was a woman of style she did keep a bit of practicality, wearing fake leather leggings that allowed her full mobility. She wore her hair long down her back. It helped her blend into the role, she looked like someone who demanded respect. When she walked in, Ezra was sitting at the bar, with a crystal glass in his hand that still contained a few drops of Whiskey. He was twisting his wrist, looking at it and promptly finished it off at her arrival.

"Can I get a Bloody Mary, please? On the rocks.'' The woman promptly asked, while grabbing a seat next to Ezra. "Is there a special reason as to why you're staring at me?''

"Sorry about that, sweetheart,'' Ezra smirked lightly. "You're just the most beautiful person I have ever encountered.''

"I have a name and it's not sweetheart, sir.'' The young woman curtly said. "It's Amethyst Van Doren.''

"Huh? Amethyst?'' Ezra looked over at the young woman. "Is that supposed to be your name?'' Ezra squinted his eyes, thinking.

"Yes, it is. Will that be a problem? Or is that all for your game of 21 questions?'' Amethyst sarcastically replied. The woman just wanted to be left alone and left to have her drink in peace.

"So... Are you expecting someone? If not, do you need a place to stay tonight?'' Ezra asked slowly.

"Are you trying to flirt with me? I'm flattered, but I don't hook up with strangers.'' Amethyst finally looks at Ezra. The young woman was playing hard to get, although she would admit that the young man sitting next to her was quite attractive. "What's your name?''

"Ezra Thomas, Los Angeles' most eligible bachelor,'' Ezra smirked at Amethyst, however, she didn't seem too amused. His smirk faltered after that.

"Well, Mr. Thomas, tell me about yourself.'' Amethyst sipped her Bloody Mary that she had received a few moments ago.

"Really?'' Ezra choked on his Whiskey.

"I just told you, I don't go home with strangers. So, tell me about yourself. If I am going to hook up with someone, I would at least like to know their birthday.'' Amethyst chuckles at Ezra's reaction.

"Okay,'' Ezra replies.

Over the next couple of hours, the pair get to know each other more. Ezra tells Amethyst everything she wants to know. As more alcohol is consumed, Ezra slowly starts losing his grip on his emotions. His thoughts become consumed by the beautiful woman next to him, and though she would never admit it, Amethyst's thoughts were slowly getting clouded by him, too. And then she did the simplest thing in the world. She leaned over and kissed him. And the whole world cracked open.

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